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9 expert tips for optimal skin care in 2020

As we restart our routine life with high alertness and precaution after this COVID-19 lockdown, some of us may plan a nice-and-long trip somewhere to shake off the lockdown vibes while others…

Honest confessions of dermatologists on laser hair removal treatment

Experts have pointed out the worst mistakes and confessions about clients while undergoing laser hair removal treatment and have listed them down to help people get more prepared for the permanent solution for unwanted hair. The idea of undergoing laser hair removal may sound weird for many people. Getting undressed in front of a stranger, […]

10 atypical lifestyle changes to prevent ACNE & Pimple for the rest of your life

We, the men and women of the 21st century are more fast-paced than any preceding generation and rigorously multitask in our routine lives. From college teens to working parents, our regimen starts with a sweaty workout and ends with the evening traffic. In the midst, it is challenging to think about your skin and frequently […]

7 habits that are worsening your dark circles

In the current day and age in which social media has the last say, dark circles are a definite no-no! Individuals are increasingly more conscious about how they look and the presence of unwanted dark circles could turn out to be a disaster. While there are several causes of dark circles including poor diet, lack […]

15 simple yet effective ways to prevent ACNE & Pimples

Individuals that have suffered from acne-related problems are aware of the scars and marks that are likely to remain once your skin recovers from the problem. It is essential to know that acne marks may start diminishing over a period of time. However, the natural healing process is lengthy and could take an undefined period […]