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Spine Surgery in PCMC

Back surgery is often recommended to patients when conservative treatments failed to disable their pain and discomfort. Spine surgery in Wakad, at Alpha Hospital, is recommended to patients suffering from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or serious problems such as a spinal infection or tumor. The department of Spine at Alpha Hospital is one of the best hospitals for spine surgery in India. The department is known to have a keen eye on the ongoing innovations in the medical field and adopting the same in their practice.

Types of Spinal Surgery

The highly experienced and trained spine surgeons perform minor to complex spine surgeries. Besides, the spine specialists work in tandem with each other to treat a wide range of spinal issues including, cancer, spinal disorders, deformities, to name a few. The team also specializes in pain management and physiotherapy. Some other types of spinal surgeries performed at Alpha Hospital are:

1) Spinal Fusion: It is one of the most common operations performed to treat non-specific chronic back pain with degenerative changes. Under this surgery, our spine specialist in Pune will join the spinal bone (vertebrae) to restrict its movement. But, it won’t limit your spinal activity.

2) Laminectomy: It is performed to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. Under this surgery, our spine surgeon in Wakad removes the part of bones, bone spurs, or the ligaments. It helps release the pressure on spinal nerves and eases the pain. Often, this surgery is performed with spinal fusion surgery to keep your spine stable.

3) Foraminotomy: This surgery is performed by your doctor, cutting the bones at the sides of your vertebrae to create extra room for nerves to exit your spine. It releases the pressure on your nerves and relieves the pain.

4) Diskectomy: This surgery is performed when the disc (a cushion that separates your vertebrae) slips out of its place, causing pain and discomfort. The surgeon removes all or part of the slipped disc. Often, Diskectomy is performed as a part of the more extensive surgery that includes Laminectomy, Foraminotomy, and spinal fusion.

5) Disk Replacement: Your surgeon removes the damaged spinal disc and replaces it with an artificial disc between your vertebrae. Interlaminar implant surgery is performed further to keep the space between the vertebrae open and remove the pressure from the spinal nerves.


Every surgery has some degree of risk. Openly discuss with your surgeon about your health condition and what to expect after the surgery. Choosing a professional and board-certified surgeon for spinal surgery will help you eliminate the risks associated with spine surgery, such as:

  • Heart stroke
  • Blood clotting
  • Spinal infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Herniated disk
  • Paralysis

At Alpha Hospital, we put into practice the latest techniques of spinal surgery, including minimally invasive and robotic surgeries to eliminate the health risks and complications.

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