Knee Replacement Surgery in Wakad

Knee Replacement Surgery involves replacing either partial or the total knee joint with a synthetically designed implant due to the deterioration or breakage of the knee joint parts. This damage usually occurs due to arthritis or traumatic accidents. And this cartilage is incapable of regenerating by itself as it isn’t connected to any blood vessels.

This surgery aims to relieve joint pain and restore the joint’s motion and strength.

Signs & Symptoms Of Knee Joint Degradation:

Knee cartilage damage caused by arthritis is gradual and often hard to detect in the initial stages. There are some signs and symptoms that indicate degradation of the knee joint such as:

  • Severe pain in the knee joint even while at rest
  • Weakness and instability in the joint
  • Inability in lifting or holding heavy objects
  • Inability in fully stretching or curving the leg
  • Visible swelling or unusual deformities around the joint
  • Hearing loud clicking or crunching noises while moving the knee
  • Having a fever along with redness and pain in and around their knees

Surgical Treatment Options:

The most common types of arthritis today are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both of these diseases cause immense damage, pain and discomfort in the knee joint. Also, knee damage is quite common in athletes involved in sports like cricket, football, wrestling, sprinting, etc.

Knee Replacement Surgery:

When the major parts of the knee joints are damaged to a great extent, they are replaced with synthetic implants. These prosthetic replicas usually manufactured from metal alloys, ceramic or biocompatible plastic.

These prosthetics are designed for replacing three joint parts, i.e.:

  • The tibial implant for the top of the shin bone,
  • The femoral part for the bottom of the thighbone,
  • And the patellar part for the kneecap.

First, either general or spinal anesthesia will be induced before making the incisions. Then, the damaged knee parts will be replaced with prosthetic implants.

If the surgery is performed with precision and care, these implants are known to last for over 20 years. And our team of head surgeons at Alpha Hospital who are widely commended for providing highly successful knee replacement surgery in Wakad aim towards achieving the same durability. Our goal is to provide the most extensive and affordable knee treatment in Wakad while guiding patients post-surgery to ensure total recovery see more info at