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Brightening & Glow RX Treatment in PCMC

In general, the majority of people prefer lighter skin tone to boost their confidence, looks, and beauty. As far as the Brightening and Glow Rx treatment is “Your Choice”, Alpha Hospital will help you attain your desired skin tone.

Following are the treatment options we provide for skin glow and brightening treatment:

  • Oral Medications: An antioxidant (glutathione) is prescribed which prevents pigmentation by reducing melanin deposition.
  • Glutathione infusion drip: Are one of the most popular and fastest results of making skin tone towards fairer complexion. It is completely safe procedure.
  • Topical Treatment: This involves a course of applying medical creams and serums that work on the epidermis layer, and a brighter tone is instantly visible on your skin. However, the treatment effects are short-lived.
  • Laser Treatment: It is one of the best effective treatments for skin brightening. The laser beam breaks down the pigments or works on the tissues to provide you with a brightened and glowing skin.
  • Skin Hydration Method: This new advanced treatment like hydra facials improves the condition of the dermis and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to provide a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Photofacial: It is a visually energy-based technology that treats brown spots, broken capillaries, and boost collagen growth to heal sun-damaged and acne-scarred skin.

Alpha Hospital provides safe, effective, and affordable brightening and glows Rx treatment. Our success record and experienced team of doctors makes us one of the most trusted hospitals for dermatological care treatment. Visit us today for more skin related issues and concerns.

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