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Double Chin Reduction in PCMC

Double chin causes due to weight gain, and with the help of daily exercises and food habits, you can help you get rid of it. But, if your double chin causes due to genetics, our doctors might recommend one of the following invasive procedures:

  1. Lipolysis: This procedure involves usage of liposuction or heat from a laser to melt away extra fat and contour your skin. However, Lipolysis only melts away the access fat. It does not remove your excess skin or enhance the elasticity of your skin.
  2. Mesotherapy: At Alpha Hospital, this treatment is performed only by an expert dermatologist and plastic surgeon because the improper dose of compounds, if injected in your skin, can cause severe nerve damage.

Talk to our doctors and determine the cause of your double chin. Unless you are sure the reason is genetics, our doctors recommend you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be patient with its outcome. However, in the case where your double chin hinders your looks and you desperately want to get rid of it, ask our experts whether you are an ideal candidate for invasive procedures.

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