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Vitiligo Treatment in PCMC

Vitiligo or ‘white spot’ is not a medical disorder, yet has been frustrating to the people who are suffering. It is characterized by areas of hypo or de-pigmentation on the skin surface due to destruction or loss of melanocytes. While it is not a serious or life-threatening disorder, it has an impact on the social and psychological well-being of its victims. It can be localized or generalized, stable or spreading, childhood onset or adult onset.

At Alpha Hospital , our expert panel of the medical team focuses on discovering the root cause behind any skin condition before we proceed with further treatment options. The diagnosis includes your doctor recommending a blood test and skin biopsy.

Following the severity of the case, our expert dermatologist might recommend one of the following treatment and procedures:

  • Medication to control the inflammation : Medication to control the inflammation: This includes a prescribed cream that helps restore your skin color is used in an early stage.
  • Light Therapy : Phototherapies (UVA and UVB), 308nm excimer light and laser are the newer advances available to restore the normal color at a cheaper cost at Alpha Hospital.
  • Surgery : Skin grafting and blister grafting surgery: Mini and micro skin grafting called ‘Cyanoacrylate lamination technique are the newer technologies performed at Alpha Hospital in well set sterile OT. Under this, the doctor removes a tiny portion of your healthy coloured skin and places it on the affected region. Alpha Hospital has successfully set records for delivering unpredictable results in vitiligo treatment. Visit our expert certified dermatologist and enhance your healthy skin condition.

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