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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Wakad

Unwanted hair can be a nuisance for both men and women and often makes individuals uncomfortable and conscious. Although there are traditional hair removal procedures, they are time-consuming, painful, and highly unpleasant. Besides, traditional hair removal procedures are temporary and are not very useful in the long run.

Thanks to innovations in science and technology, laser hair removal has emerged as one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. Alpha Hospital offers the most effective, scientifically and medically validated laser i.e. DIODE LASER which is the gold standard for hair removal treatment. We assure you that the procedure is very safe, highly comfortable, and not at all cumbersome. At Alpha Hospital, we are equipped with advanced technologies to cater to hair removal problems in our patients.

All the laser hair removal procedures are performed by highly experienced and qualified specialists who ensure every patient leaves our hospital with the desired results. Moreover, our team guides and offers their valuable insights to patients to help them understand the procedure in a better way.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Laser hair removal treatment works on the principle of selective photothermolysis (fō’tō-thĕrm-ol’ i-sis) where laser beams are used to selectively heat the melanin in the hair, which ultimately damages the basal stem cells in the hair follicles without affective the adjacent skin tissues. It is mostly performed on the legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, and the bikini line regions for long-term hair removal. However, it can be performed on almost all areas over the skin except the eyelids.

How is the Laser Hair Removal Procedure Performed?

During the laser treatment, the time duration and the width of the laser are primary factors for effectively damaging the hair follicles. The three standard lasers used for this treatment are the Pulsed Diode Array, Alexandrite, and the Nd:YAG lasers.

Laser hair removal is usually performed with a handheld laser beaming instrument which can be freely manoeuvred above the skin. A cooling device or a coolant gel may also be used over the targeted region to avoid overheating and reduce any chances of infectious entry.

When the laser beam is activated, it passes through the skin to the hair follicles. As dark elements are better receptors of heat and light, the hair follicles being darker than the skin, absorb all the heat from the laser and get damaged. This cellular damage prohibits further hair growth.

Depending on the targeted region and growth-rate of hair, the treatment may have to be repeated a few times in periodic intervals to achieve complete hairless skin.

What To Do After Having Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

You will notice some amount of redness and swelling for one or two hours after the treatment, which is natural. During the in-between periods of all your sessions avoid exposing the target area to direct sunlight and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen for outsides until the treatment is complete. Avoid any kind of waxing, bleaching, or hair plucking in between the treatment.

When Do The Results Of Laser Hair Removal Start To Show?

You won’t see all your hair falling out immediately after the treatment. They will gradually become thinner and shed after every session ultimately resulting in permanent hair reduction.

Attending all the repeated sessions is vital for achieving optimal results as the growth and loss of hair is a natural cycle, and this treatment shows peak results when the hair follicles are newly growing.

The speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of laser hair removal highly depend on the skill and experience of the doctor performing it and the instruments that are used. As we have a highly skilled team of doctors equipped with the most sophisticated tools and devices for laser hair removal in Wakad, Alpha Hospital is widely preferred and trusted to be the best place to get a laser hair removal treatment in PCMC.

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