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PRP Hair Treatment in PCMC

Hair Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a stem cell therapy to grow new hair, it is one of the most advanced ways to boost hair growth. In Hair PRP treatment we take around 8ml of patient ‘s blood in a super engineered PRP tube and process it to get a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is an exile o grow new hair. We apply local Anesthetic cream and inject the PRP in the affected area of the scalp followed by LLLT (low-level laser therapy). With this hair, fall stops and new hair develops.

The innovative and highly effective treatment relies on the growth factors of platelet-rich blood cells to boost hair growth naturally. Traditionally, this procedure was used mainly to fasten the recovery of joint injuries in athletes worldwide. However, at present, hair PRP treatment has emerged as one of the best and innovative hair loss solutions.

At Alpha Hospital, experienced and highly trained dermatologist are committed to offering the best solutions for hair growth. Each treatment is performed under the supervision of the chief dermatologist. Our experts assess the progress of our patients to achieve optimum results.

As it is the patient’s own blood there are no side effects of the procedure and it is completely safe. Done both in males and females and of any age.

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