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Skin Polishing Treatment in PCMC

With the advanced, modern, and effective skin polishing treatment at Alpha Hospital, bid farewell to dull and patchy skin. The procedure is especially recommended for individuals who are seeking alternatives to restore the natural glow of the skin and reverse any skin damage.

The procedure commences with Microdermabrasion in which the crystals are injected to the skin to remove its dead layers slowly. The process promotes cell stimulation and collagen production which gives you a young and firm skin.

The skin polishing treatment can help you overcome a range of defects as dead cells make way for radiant and glowing skin. Besides, collagen and skin cell stimulation reduces pores in the skin which offers you a younger look.

The procedure typically lasts for around 45 minutes to 1 hour per session and in most cases requires about 4 sessions to achieve optimum results. Besides, apart from getting a skin polishing treatment, it is also essential to maintain a home care routine.

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