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Microblading Eyebrows in PCMC

Are you tired of trying every new and traditional makeup products that make your eyebrows look hairy and fuller? Alpha Hospital has a more or like a permanent solution to creating the best shape of eyebrows for every face type. Our treatment approach is very precise, thanks to our advanced tools and expertise in performing the treatment (Microblading) with complete accuracy.

Microblading is nothing but eyebrow architecture. People with thin brows or no brows at all, often remain conscious about the way they look but not anymore. Microblading, unlike tattooing, is a form of tattooing artistry where the pigments are implanted under the patient’s skin using a manual handheld tool. Microblading makes stoned age labs your brows look thick and fuller enhancing a complete look of your face.

Visit our expert cosmetic and dermatologist team to know in-depth about Microblading, its benefits, cost, and risks, if any.

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