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Hair Fall RX Treatment in PCMC

Hair fall can be due to much underlying health condition or environmental effect. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you find the root cause of hair fall before considering any treatment or medication.

At Alpha Hospital, our expert team of certified dermatologists will first recommend a physical exam to evaluate your medical history and health condition. Then after, the doctor performs few tests such as blood test, pull test, scalp biopsy, and light microscopy to uncover possible disorders and determine the most effective treatment for it.

There are many effective treatments and medications available which help you reverse the hair fall process or at least slow further thinning. Treatments for hair loss include medications, hair transplant surgery, and laser therapy. Depending on your health condition and reason behind the hair loss, our doctors will recommend the best-suited hair fall Rx treatment.

Alpha Hospital is well-known for its safe, affordable, and effective hair fall treatment. Visit our expert medical professionals today and regain your lost hair.

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