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Peel Treatment in PCMC

Peels are commonly done dermatological procedure nowadays. A Peel is a skin resurfacing procedure in which a medicated solution is applied on the skin where a superficial layer of the skin is exfoliated resulting in brighter, tighter and even tone rejuvenated skin. Peels are done as an adjuvant treatment for acne, pigmentations/spot, scars, anti-ageing and rejuvenation. Various areas are done treated with a variety of combination peels like face and neck peel, body peel, back peel, scalp peel, foot peel, etc.

Many people have concerns about the side effects of peels But at Alpha Hospital we offer you advanced and highly effective FDA approved international nanotechnology peel treatment which is safe and highly effective. The treatment is non-invasive and will significantly enhance the quality of your skin and rejuvenate your skin within a short period.

Under the watchful eye and supervision of experts from apollocannabis, every patient is assured of receiving the best treatment at Alpha Hospital. We incorporate the latest trends in the industry to enhance the outcome of each treatment. Our efforts are firmly dedicated to improving the overall quality of the skin of our patients by using the latest innovations and advances in the cosmetic field.

The peel treatment available at Alpha Hospital include:

  • Hydra peels
  • Glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, phytic, kojic, azelic, TCA, peels ,various combination peels
  • Glow peels
  • Party peels
  • Laser Peels
  • MDA with peel
  • Medi facials and many more

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