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Honest confessions of dermatologists on laser hair removal treatment

Experts have pointed out the worst mistakes and confessions about clients while undergoing laser hair removal treatment and have listed them down to help people get more prepared for the permanent solution for unwanted hair.

The idea of undergoing laser hair removal may sound weird for many people. Getting undressed in front of a stranger, having your body parts zapped, and leaving the clinic with red and swollen skin is not something you sign up for right away. Proper understanding and learning every aspect of the treatment pays off in the long run. Laser hair removal is a self-care treatment. It can improve various aspects of your life – no-wax appointments, goodbye shaving, no bumps, no ingrown hair, and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about lifting your arms in public. You will never feel embarrassed in public due to unshaved underarms.

If you love your body hair ungroomed, it’s totally fine. But, if you are done with monthly parlour appointments and still dealing with ingrown hairs, here is what you need to know about the most-sought hair removal treatment – the laser hair removal in Pune at Alpha Hospital.

Shave the area being treated

We ask our clients to shave 24 hours before the treatment. The areas which are harder to shave can be cleaned up by our experts but, someone cleaning your entire body is something no one enjoys. Also, you won’t be comfortable if we clean-up the delicate body parts on your behalf.

To remove ingrown or thin facial hair, we recommend using a device that allows close-to-skin trimming such as Finishing Touch Lumina Lighted Hair Remover.

Avoid tweezing or waxing in between sessions

Certainly, we encourage clients to shave but strictly recommend avoiding tweezing or waxing in the middle of sessions. Laser hair removal is done in multiple sessions. After completing the first session, you may have a few hairs grew again, which may irk you to get rid of soon. However, make your mind not to wax or tweeze the ingrown hair.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigments of hair follicles. If you wax or tweeze, the hair follicles are gone, which severely hampers the treatment results.

Do Not Use Make-Up

Our goal is not to make you feel embarrassed about your looks. Our dermatologists in Wakad only wish to protect your skin. Using make-up products or just a foundation can burn your skin when putting under the laser beam. Our experts, therefore, use an alcohol pad to check if the client’s skin is product-free. Using make-up before the treatment can cause pigment changes which may or may not fade away even after years!

Choose only a board-certified dermatologist

Laser hair removal treatment is not a simple procedure. However, many salons and spas claim doing it without proper expertise and training. Do not risk your skin by trusting on unprofessional hands. As dermatologists, we have seen many patients suffering from burning and scars as a result of trusting on unprofessional service providers. So, we encourage people to choose only a board-certified dermatologist, as they will help you with improved hair removal results.

A professional will get it right in just a few sessions while an unprofessional provider may claim to offer discounts but imbibe your money out of additional sessions.

It’s painful, but it’s a bearable pain

If your treatment provider claims to offer a completely painless laser hair removal treatment, you may want to reconsider the dermatologist. Patients always say they feel a tiny rubber snapping on the skin because the laser beam has a pretty hot and sharp zap. However, not everybody part might experience the same degree of pain. Only areas where the hair is thick and dense such as, underarms, lower legs, or bikini may feel the snapping pain. Also, areas that are super-sensitive such as the upper lips which are not so hairy can cause you bearable pain. People with sensitive teeth can feel more pain.

Fortunately, Alpha Hospital uses the latest advancements in laser equipment which have a cooling-effect such as cold air, cold spray, and lasers that has a cold touch on the skin, to help patients feel comfortable throughout the procedure. You may only feel warmth after the completion of the process.

You may look swollen after the session

After the completion of your treatment, if you feel like you got attacked by a beehive, congratulations! You had a successful treatment and in good shape. The effect is nothing but a result of swollen hair follicles which goes away within one or two hours. However, we tell our clients to expect redness, itching, and irking for maybe 48 hours. If the effect lasts for more than 48 hours, we recommend a hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl gel to ease the discomfort.

Call your dermatologist to visit them immediately if you feel something not usual or have any questions regarding the recovery process. Every patient recovers differently, and only your dermatologist will have an idea about how your skin can improve efficiently.

Prepare your mind for the result

The effectiveness of treatment strongly depends on the area being treated, type of hair, and the skin colour. Laser hair removal is a highly-customized treatment, and its result varies from patient to patient and session to session. For instance, the coarse hair of underarms and bikini can get removed within a few sessions. However, the fine, thin hair may require additional sessions as they are harder to target. Significantly, there will be less hair compared to every session, but you need to accept the fact that there will be some hair follicles always present underneath the skin but are thinner and mostly invisible at first glance look.

Take added precautions

After the treatment, your dermatologist will discuss some do’s and don’ts to speed up the process and achieve the best results. Some of these tips will include:

  • Avoiding direct exposure to the sun
  • Avoiding any sun tanning or indoor tanning equipment
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated
  • Use sunscreen before stepping out in the sun

Note: Having a tan can cause burn to your skin, as the laser may confuse the skin pigment as a hair follicle and target on it.

Do Not Feel Shy

People are aware these days. When they assign for laser hair removal treatment, they know that it requires being naked in front of a stranger. Therefore, we ensure our patients are comfortable with us and then only proceed with the treatment. Laser treatment for bikini areas and butt cheeks may feel weird at first, but we remind our clients that as soon as they walk out of the door, we will address a new client. This is our job and therefore, we don’t judge people’s body. It is just a part of our job, and we truly handle it professionally. So, you need not feel shy or ashamed about the idea of being naked in front of your doctor.

To learn more on laser hair removal treatment, we request you to feel free and book your consultation with our dermatologists in Wakad. Our experts shall have you examined before the procedure and determine which laser can ideally offer the best results.

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