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9 expert tips for optimal skin care in 2020

As we restart our routine life with high alertness and precaution after this COVID-19 lockdown, some of us may plan a nice-and-long trip somewhere to shake off the lockdown vibes while others will be working throughout, traveling under the scorching sun. As we walk out into the outside world, all the old nemesis of our skin will try and make their comebacks. Oily skin will get oilier, and dry skin will develop patches. Breakouts, pimples, rashes, and acne won’t fall behind.

So, before you get your working, shopping, or tour-planning game on, we want to share with you some quirky tips backed by some of our expert dermatologists that’ll help you prevent your skin from severe damage caused by heat rashes, sunburns, infections, acne, dehydration or severe tanning.

Stick To the Basic Moisturizing Routine:

If you think moisturizers are for winters only, your skin needs better moisturizing in summer as it dries up after sweating. Also, moving in and out of air-conditioned rooms and buildings causes your skin to dry. Using the heavy winter moisturizers will be a good choice to use by the end of the year. But before the rainy days, it is better to choose moisturizers equipped with sunscreen features but are lightweight. You don’t want a thick layer of skin clogging your skin pores. A moisturizer with 30-SPF or higher rating can do the trick.

Go for light Non-comedogenic Makeup:

Again, your skin needs to sweat more in summer for regulating body temperature. Wearing heavy makeup in such times will block skin pores and accumulate sweat and lead to rashes and acne formations. Hence, even a slight touch-up or a lightweight cream would be enough during your routine days.

The type of makeup products you use is also a matter of concern.it is always recommended to use non-comedogenic skin products throughout the year. These non-comedogenic products are made without any pore-clogging ingredients and allow your skin fluids to flow freely without ruining the makeup. Powder sunscreens, oil-free primers, or a lightweight foundation are just some of such examples to start with.

Protect Your Eyes And Lips Too:

In summer, especially, the UV rays can be harsh not only on your skin but also on your eyes and lips, as the skin around your eyes and over the lips is relatively more delicate. Damage from UV rays can also cause dry eyes and wrinkle formations in the skin under your eyes, which is why it is always said not to travel between 12:00 PM and 04:00 PM during summers.  

Even if you do, wear UV-protected sunglasses and apply soft lip balms at all times. If you feel a burning or dry sensation around them, wash them with cold water or dab them with cold cotton pads frequently. Apply honey or a proper eye-gel on the skin under the eyes to keep it hydrated and wrinkle-free.

Maintain Bodily Hygiene Throughout:

If shower at least twice during summer, we say do it thrice, but reduce the time and water you spend while showering. Take short warm showers instead of long hot showers. A bucket-bath with neem leaves can significantly help tackle heat problems caused during summer. 

If you’re going for a swim, remember that the chloride in swimming pools speeds up the tanning process, causing the skin’s excessive darkening. So it is crucial to take a bath right before and after your swimming sessions. For better blood circulation under the skin, soak your hands and feet in warm saline water and apply a urea-rich cream over them later.

Opt For Natural Skincare Remedies:

Most of us have had grandmas who also have quirky tips and tricks up their sleeves. There are several such tips for skincare which have been passed down for generations. For example, lemon and tomato juices have been long used as natural supplements for the skin, and they still hold their value despite all skincare products. 

Simply squeeze a couple of lemons and juice out the tomatoes, then let the fluids sit on your skin for some time. Rinse it away, and you have a detoxified and supple skin. Placing cotton pads dipped in potato juice around the eyes for some time is also known to relax their muscles and soothe them.

Watch What You Eat & Drink:

The body naturally sweats to regulate temperature and cool down its surface. However, you can also help cool down your body during the summer by eating foods and drinks that are known to do so. Similarly, some foods can help maintain body temperature for the rest of the year. 

You’ll find a myriad of food items and drinks like watermelon, cucumber, celery, mint leaves, curd dishes, coconut water, lemon juice, etc. which are crucial for maintaining body temperature and, in turn, protecting your skin from oiliness, dryness and other problems. In general, whatever you eat, you must remember to eat only enough calories and avoid spicy food as much as possible.

Water is also equally important when it comes to regulating body temperature. Dehydration can damage your skin more severely during the summer as it needs more water to stay supple and smooth. Drinking sufficient water helps the skin in repairing sunburnt tissues quickly.

Manage Your Sunscreens And Exfoliation:

Using skincare products once a while isn’t always enough to maintain the suppleness and tone of your skin. This is so because the protective feature of any High SPF cream is limited to a few hours, and your skin excretes more oils and sweat under heat, allowing more dust to settle and form wax-like clogs.

Hence, if you know you’re going to spend several hours outdoors, remember to clean your skin and reapply the sunscreen periodically and exfoliate your skin after every fixed number of days to detoxify and moisturize it at all times. In doing so, also remember not to use acidic chemical-based products, simple alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) pads are more recommended than others.

Wear Trousers That Fit Appropriately:

Whether you’re visiting the beach or going to your office, what you wear outside affects your skin significantly. Unless the skin is allowed to breathe and protected with the right fabric, it will suffocate and lead to various skin problems. 

Like for summer, you can always find formal summer wear made of cotton, which will be more helpful to your skin. Seasonal wear isn’t only about fashion, but it is also about safeguarding your skin throughout the changes in the atmosphere.

Don’t Fear The Sun, Just Avoid The UV rays:

Sunlight is vital for developing vitamin K and even producing more serotonin – a mood-boosting hormone. This is why people who live in less sunny countries have pale skin and cloudy days make us feel more dull and unmotivated. Hence, the key is to balance the time you spend under the sun and protect yourself from the harmful impact of UV rays.

While going out to the beach or to work; travel and sit in the shade wherever you can. Also, avoid traveling on bikes or walking long distances and balance your outdoor travel with a good skin care regimen.

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