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10 atypical lifestyle changes to prevent ACNE & Pimple for the rest of your life

We, the men and women of the 21st century are more fast-paced than any preceding generation and rigorously multitask in our routine lives. From college teens to working parents, our regimen starts with a sweaty workout and ends with the evening traffic. In the midst, it is challenging to think about your skin and frequently check for pimple and acne formations until it’s too late. 

Hence, to help you maintain supple and zit-free skin without disturbing your power-schedule, we’ve researched a few lifestyle modifications which can indirectly help prevent your skin from acne and pimples without demanding for expensive creams and cosmetic procedures:

Monitoring Hair Products: 

The oils, pomades, or gel products that we use on our hair tend to block our skin pores and cause skin irritation which most often leads to acne formation. It is vital to monitor your hair product use. 

Also, your hair oil can seep down under your facial skin, so wash your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner if you have long hair.

Moderating Makeup Products:

Always opt for oil-free cosmetics with minimum added dyes and chemicals.

Avoid applying heavy makeup unless it is for a special occasion, which you must wash off by the end of that occasion.

Avoid wearing foundation, powder, or blush over emerging acne as it can worsen the situation. 

Using Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer:

If you are required to use moisturizers due to dry skin, look for Non-Comedogenic Moisturizers which do not cause acne, unlike other oily moisturizers. 

Be specific while choosing them, as you can find distinct moisturizing products for oily skins and dry skins or a combination of both skin conditions.

Drinking More Water:

Water is an essential moisturizer for the entire body. Hence, even if you don’t prefer using moisturizers, drinking ample water can help keep your skin supple and youthful.

Always drink a glass of water before going to bed to keep your skin moisturized through the night.

Avoiding Touching The Face:

Picking or popping pimples with your fingers can lead to bacterial infections. Even touching or propping your face can cause the bacteria on your hand to spread on your facial skin and form zits.

Minimizing Exposure To UV rays:

Especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m, avoid exposing yourself to sunlight for long durations. 

Of course, some sun exposure is necessary for vitamin-D formation but overexposure can cause inflammation and redness, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Checking What You Eat:

Instead of greasy and junk food, eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain-based dishes for snacks or dinner. Also, avoid dairy products and foods high in processed sugar as they may trigger acne formation.

Exercising Diligently:

Never use gym wears that are rough on your skin or do not drain your sweat properly. Always shower after a workout right away.

Preventing Mental Stress:

Studies have shown that constant mental stress can trigger recurrent acne and pimple formation on your skin. Hence, try to figure out solutions for your stress and try to stay positive as much as you can.

Visiting A Dermatologist:

All we can do is observe and treat our skin, but a dermatologist can help you prevent any skin problem before its inception. Hence, try and visit a dermatologist once a few months to check the general health of your skin.

And if you ever observe a skin problem developing on your skin and are clueless about treating it, you can reach out to our expert Skin care specialist in Wakad, Pune and get prompt treatment solutions. You can also visit the Alpha hospital website to learn more about common skin problems and their solutions provided by our best dermatologist in Wakad.

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