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Runner’s Knee – How to get rid of the pain?

Runner’s knee or Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a common condition experienced by many runners at some point in their training. The pain mostly occurs when the patella or the knee…

5 Essential running tips to prevent foot, ankle & heel injuries

According to a clinical survey, most of the foot and ankle injuries occur while running. Be it your early morning jog or sports practice; we run for various reasons to stay fit. And although it is the most effective exercise for the entire body, the way you run and maintain your body posture majorly impacts […]

Undergoing a spine fusion surgery – Recovery & Risks

Spine fusion is often considered ‘the last resort to save a spine’. After confirming that no other conventional treatments could benefit your spine, your spine surgeon will recommend a fusion procedure to relieve your excruciating back pain and reinstall your mobility. Other primary reasons for which a spine surgeon would recommend a fusion surgery may […]

Understanding the relationship between joint pain and winter season

Winters are wonderful. However, one of the downsides of chilly weather is its potential to cause joint pain. It is common to see people complain of joint pain during the winters or during a massive change in the weather. Our experts at Alpha Hospital believe that individuals experience a higher degree of joint pain during […]

3 simple yet effective ways to prepare for a knee replacement surgery

A total knee replacement is generally recommended when alternative knee treatment fail to offer relief and improve the condition of your knee. Once your orthopaedic assesses your condition and gives the green signal for a knee replacement surgery, there are a few things you should bear in mind. It is crucial to prepare yourself before […]

Exercising your muscles the right way

Skeletal muscles are striated muscles which are a collection of muscle fibres connected to the bones by tendons. These muscles are what provides an upright shape to our body and hold the bones in place. These muscle fibres break and regenerate rapidly everything we exercise to form a new set of stronger muscles. However, improper ways of […]

After your arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries are minimally invasive and take relatively less time to recover. Along with faster healing time, it also involves a minimum number of stitches and the least risks of infection.  Although arthroscopic knee surgery is successful most of the time, to completely heal the knee and assure its functions, there are certain things you need […]

Bone fracture – Causes, types, preventive measures

Our body is a combination of numerous muscles and tissues clustered around a skeleton of rigid bones aligned and adhered in a specific way to provide overall strength and stability while performing any activity. Unfortunately, these bones which are developed to be hard and strong, aren’t necessarily unbreakable. There are a variety of reasons which […]