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After your arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries are minimally invasive and take relatively less time to recover. Along with faster healing time, it also involves a minimum number of stitches and the least risks of infection. 

Although arthroscopic knee surgery is successful most of the time, to completely heal the knee and assure its functions, there are certain things you need to consider after the surgery:

Post-Operation Risks:

  • Most of the risks involved in arthroscopic surgeries are temporary and vanish after some time, and serious risks are highly uncommon.
  • The risk of infection still exists during arthroscopic surgery.
  • Some cases of allergic reactions and breathing difficulties have been observed due to the use of anaesthesia 
  • Formation of blood clots may occur eventually.
  • The surgery can accidentally damage other nerves and tissues
  • The patient feels chronic stiffness in the knee joint.


Postoperative Recovery:

As arthroscopic surgery requires less time to complete, the patients are allowed to walk out of the hospital with some recovery instructions. 

Some of the standard instructions are:

  • To keep the leg elevated for several days post-surgery. The leg should be held higher than the heart’s level.
  • To change the dressings regularly and properly.
  • To frequently apply ice packs over and around the knee to reduce swelling and pain. It is essential during the first 72 hours post-op.
  • To follow the doctor’s suggestions on walking and putting weight over the operated knee, and using crutches accordingly.
  • To cover the removed dressing with band-aids to prevent the sutures from rubbing against your pants.
  • To not wet the incisions directly during bathing until at least two weeks post-op.


Post-operative Exercises:

  • Physical therapy programs are vital to complete recovery. 
  • Physical exercises help strengthen the muscles around the knee.
  • A variety of exercises are suggested by the physician, depending on the severity and recovery of an individual’s knee.
  • Always perform the simple stretching exercises recommended by your doctor to prevent the knee joint from stiffening.
  • Some harder stretching exercises may also be taught to you later to the knee’s full range of motion.
  • Frequently consult the doctors about how and which exercises to perform considering your current condition.


Post-operative Tips:

Here are a few tips which would also help in your post-op arthroscopic surgery:

  • Avoiding smoking and drinking during the recovery period
  • You are allowed to have a regular diet but avoid consuming caffeinated drinks.
  • Even if you are discharged from the hospital, do not start your work routine until approved by your doctor.


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