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What are the risks of delaying joint replacement knee surgery

When we accidentally cut or burn our skin, the first thing we do is run for an ointment. Delaying the first aid is never an option to ease your suffering. Likewise, when we are suffering internally due to knee pain, delaying the treatment will be no fun. So, if your doctor has recommended knee replacement surgery in Wakad, you need to start preparing for it – physically, socially, and financially.

Many patients want to get rid of their knee pain, but the fear of surgery makes them reconsider their options. Trust your spine surgeon – If there were any other alternative solutions to fix your problem, they would surely have suggested one.  A total knee replacement surgery is recommended to the patients only after all other options (medication, therapy, exercise, and diet) failed to obtain a satisfactory result. Most importantly, delaying your knee surgery can raise severe complications and may compromise the desired outcome.

Here are some concerns raised to the patients who delayed their knee replacement surgery.

Joint Deformity Getting Worse

The arthritis progress gradually and slowly starts affecting your normal activities in a few months. The changes don’t occur overnight, but, patients diagnosed with knee arthritis are more likely to develop knock-kneed or bow-legged deformity. Patients who have hip arthritis may suffer bone loss, resulting in a shortage of bone cartilage and shortened leg length. Joint replacement surgery becomes more complex at this stage.

Joint Stiffness

If left untreated, the joint slows down its movement- The soft-tissues surrounding the joints, including the muscles, ligaments, and joint capsule contracts, cause more stiffness and discomfort. As the joint arthritis progress without any effective treatment, it restricts the movement of your legs, hips, and muscles.

Muscle Strength

Without surgery, joint arthritis starts to weaken the muscles surrounding the joint tissue. People limit their joint movement. Prefer sitting or lying down on the bed, which severely impacts their day-to-day routine. To resume the muscle movement post-surgery, you may need to extend the rehabilitation program, or else your muscles may never regain its strength.

Overall Impact on the Health

Patients who have hip arthritis often experience back pain and people with severe knee arthritis suffer from pain in the back of their other knee. Although the reason behind this is yet to be discovered, it is one such a side-effect of delaying TKR that no patient wants to experience.

The surgeon will correct the technical difficulties in a knee. But, if the surgery gets delayed, due to restricted movement of the body, the patient may experience weight gain, decreased mobility, endurance, cardiac, and pulmonary conditions.

Patients keep waiting and waiting to get the surgery done, and in the process, they lose maximum benefits of it. Knee arthritis affects your mobility, which leads to an inactive body and depression.

You can visit Alpha Hospital to learn more about orthopaedic treatment in Wakad. Our experts will examine your health and determine the right time for you to proceed with the surgery and reclaim active, healthy, and painless life.

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