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Understanding the relationship between joint pain and winter season

Winters are wonderful. However, one of the downsides of chilly weather is its potential to cause joint pain. It is common to see people complain of joint pain during the winters or during a massive change in the weather. Our experts at Alpha Hospital believe that individuals experience a higher degree of joint pain during rainy and cold days. It is essential to understand that the barometric pressure i.e. the air pressure can more or less affect your joints. Although it is hard to single out on a single factor that causes joint pain during the winter season, it is essential to understand how cold weather can negatively affect your joints. 

In this blog, our team of orthopaedic doctors will address how weather conditions are likely to affect your joints. In addition, this blog also includes the different ways one can overcome this pain. 

Cold Weather and Joint Pain

Several studies have been conducted to understand the direct relationship between joint pain and weather. However, none of these studies can highlight the main cause or the link between the two. Despite these uncertainties, few theories suggest that people with arthritis are more susceptible to joint pain than individuals without the condition. One may ask how? There is a strong chance that the cartilage which offers support to the bones inside the joint wears out and due to that, the exposed bones might face the brunt of pressure change. 

Another possibility is that the barometer pressure may lead to the expansion and contraction of scar tissue which could lead to pain in joints affected by arthritis. Inactive joints can also lead to joint pain during the winters especially when you decide to stay in and relax without moving around a lot. 

Things to Do Relieve Joint Pain During Winters:

  • When the temperature starts to dwindle, ensure you keep yourself warm. Wear enough clothes, shower with warm water, and use a thick blanket at night while sleeping. 
  • A hot water bath using paraffin wax can offer immense relief from joint pain. 
  • Ensure you are active and have a healthy lifestyle. Keep a check on your weight and indulge in activities such as swimming and yoga. 
  • Avoid causing any sort of strain to the joints.
  • Ensure you eat healthily and have a diet rich in nutrition. 
  • Ask our experts for the appropriate medication to overcome pain such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 


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