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4 tips to keep your hair in the best shape

The monsoon has dawned upon us and with it, brings different shades of green, the urge for piping hot tea, and some exquisite scenic beauties. However, the monsoon season has a downside as well, and your hair, in particular, bears the brunt. Some of the hair problems that are common in the monsoon include dull hair, hair fall, dandruff, and oily scalp. The good news is that these problems can be prevented easily by following a few simple tips mentioned in this post.

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Here are a few useful tips to keep your hair in the best shape during the monsoon season.

Clean Your Hair

The first thing you probably do after coming home drenched due to rain is dry your hair. Did you know that drying your hair immediately when it is wet is not the wisest things to do? Here’s why! Firstly, it tends to tangle your hair more and secondly, the dirt and oil stuck to the scalp stick more than usual.

What you should do – Instead of drying your hair, you should wash your hair using a mild shampoo as the shampoo will moisturize and clean your hair at the same time.

Cover Your Hair

When you step out during the monsoon, carry an umbrella and a raincoat. In case you forget to bring either, cover your hair with a scarf or a stole to avoid exposure to the rain. Besides, protecting your hair will also ensure your hairstyle does not get spoilt.

Avoid Binging on Hair Products

We recommend steering clear from heat styling equipment. However, if you do use it, use a heat protection mist as heat styling equipment can make your hair feel more substantial and greasy. Further, you should also avoid using a tight rubber band that cut into your hair. It is also vital to note that you should not comb or tie your hair when the hair is wet or damp.


When you dry your hair, use a microfiber towel as it helps in drying your hair quicker. Besides, the towel is softer, which means it does not cause friction on the hair strands, significantly reducing hair fall. One should also avoid vigorous rubbing and pat their hair dry instead.


How to Prevent Hair Frizziness?

  • By using Sulphate free shampoo
  • By preconditioning with coconut oil 30 minutes before hair wash.


Note: The oil has to be applied only for the length of the hair, not to the roots. Application to the roots might increase the hair fall due to dandruff.

No oil is going to strengthen or lengthen your hair. It is the food we eat; especially the natural protein is going to make our hair healthier and longer.

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