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2 Essential methods for treating pattern hair loss

Androgenic Alopecia, as we generally know it, Pattern hair loss condition, is the most common hair loss condition people suffer from. And as in maximum cases, it emerges due to a hormonal or genetic imbalance; there is no specific disease or substance which could be studied to undo the condition. The Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone hormones are now known to trigger pattern hair loss and bald patches in men, and it happens relatively less to women. Moreover, in men, the hair follicles on the head are more prone to being affected by hormonal imbalance than any other follicles on your body.

The primary reason for significant hair loss on the head is the follicles which are more sensitive to DHT hormones which bind them. The level of sensitivity to DHT varies genetically, which is why one cannot tell any specific sign of DHT affecting their head hair follicles before hair loss has begun. This condition where DHT causes head’s follicles to die out and become barren is called ‘Miniaturization’ which can also be caused due to generic errors, Nutritional Deficiency, or the natural ageing process.

Hence, the key to treating pattern hair loss is preventing the DHTs and other hormones from affecting the hair follicles. Knowing this key factor, a dermatologist can prescribe a suitable treatment after analyzing your condition. And the following three treatment methods are the fundamental methods which you help you regrow your lost hair effectively:

Methods Of Pattern Hair Loss Treatment:

Medicinal course:

In the initial stages of pattern hair loss, certain newly developed medications have been proven to prevent the miniaturization process and catalyze healthy hair regrowth. The most common medical substances which are prescribed for hair loss are:


Finasteride is a 5α-reductase inhibitor that works as an anti-androgenic agent. It reduces the amount of DHTs in your body and prevents follicle damage, and sometimes also supports new hair growth.

Hair Transplant Treatment:

Hair transplantation is the safest options for regaining hair in bald patches with minimally invasive treatment options. The goal of any hair transplant is to take grafts of healthy hair follicles from a donor site and plant it evenly around the bald site. This process is achieved via Follicular Unit Extraction.

Here, the dermatologist will extract healthy hair follicles which are less sensitive to DHTs and other hormones from the doner site and inserts them around the bald patch through tiny pinhole incisions. 

Since the new follicles are more immune to hormonal changes, the hair regrowth will be permanent and healthy.

Several new techniques like Dermarolling or Collagen induction therapy, PRP Therapy, Mesotherapy, etc. which have recently emerged and are showing great results for hair regrowth. However, the only way to know with technique would best suit your condition is by consulting a good dermatologist. And if you need to find the best dermatologist in Wakad, then Alpha Hospital in the place to visit. Being one of the oldest hair clinic in Wakad, it comprises the team of best dermatologists who can guide you through your hair loss treatment options and help you regain your beautiful/stylish hair. Visit the Alpha Hospital website to learn more about hair loss treatments now!

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